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Kayıt tarihi : 26/02/18

MesajKonu: C&D GALLERY PICTURES ISSUE   Perş. Mart 08, 2018 8:54 am


I've been playing the new Cats and Dogs pack, and one of the glaring issues I had noticed, was some very bad camera angles for gallery pictures. A big example of this would be the Dachshund's Creek lot. I built a two story home, and then did a preview of what the gallery pictures of it would look like. The very first pic (the one that everyone sees first) was the worst. All I could see was the surrounding trees (these were not trees placed on the lot), and nothing else. I tried moving my house around on the lot, and even moving the lot itself. I could not get any other picture (for the first camera angle), other than those trees.Now, I also changed my build a bit to a single story. I had the same issue, and once again, I fiddled around with moving it into different locations within the same lot, and moving the lot itself. So, If the devs wouldn't mind taking a look at some of those camera angles (or better yet, give us some control over them) I would greatly appreciate it?

Please help.

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